The Two Sisters EP

Hello dear friends,

I’ve got some exciting news for you – my latest musical endeavour, ‘The Two Sisters’ EP, is officially live and available for the world to hear: https://songwhip.com/patrickdexter/the-two-sisters

As Patreon supporters you have had access to this music already but I will share it with you here in case you would like to find it and share it with a friend or relative.

It feels like a very special moment to share these very personal recordings to the world beyond our little friend group here on Patreon. I have been putting it off but it felt like it was the right time.

There has been so much in the world recently that has just made me want to shut off from it all. Have you felt the same? With sadness in the news each day it’s impossible to look away. 

Writing this EP was a kind of therapy for me, a source of care and nourishment during some reflective moments. My hope is that as you listen, these melodies become a soundtrack to your own moments of solace.

These songs hold a special place in my heart, a collection born from memories that glow warmly in the tapestry of life. It’s a personal journey set to music that I’ve poured a bit of my soul into.

I’m immensely grateful for your ongoing support—it’s what makes sharing these creations possible. 

With gratitude,

Your friend,


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